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Friday Harbor, WA

We create and sale one-of-a-kind, handmade wooden kaleidoscopes.


It Figures:

The exterior features a variety of stunning figured wood. Vibrant images of glass and anodized wire in a liquid-filled chamber, and precision optics for a very affordable price. Truly stunning. IT FIGURES is offered in two different mirror systems; our new Starburst mirror system produces an amazing display of fireworks and color show, and our more traditional 7-point 2-mirror system, offering one large intricate mandala image. Each mirror system offers a unique and stunning optical experience. For best viewing, direct light source through clear sides of chamber. Thank you for your support of an American Artist-made product.


WOOD CHOICES (main barrel): Bosse Cedar, walnut, curly etimo'e, bird's eye maple

(left to right)

Octopus's Garden Chamber, Starburst mirror

Octopus's Garden Chamber, Starburst mirror

Octopus's Garden chamber, 2 mirror

Octopus's Garden chamber, 2 mirror

Remember a coastal stroll with our OCTOPUS’S GARDEN chamber. Delightfully detailed seashells in warm earth tones blended with complementing stones, flameworked glass, anodized wire and beads in sea blues and greens.



moo cosmo 2.jpg



With vibrant glass and hand-coiled jewelry wire in its oil-filled chamber, Wired is a truly stunning optical experience, at an affordable price.  Offered in our traditional 9-point, 2-mirror system creating one large, intricate mandala image, and our own Starburst mirror system producing an amazing cascade of fireworks.

It Figures is the perfect gift for any company, university, college, or organization! This collection may be customized to individual specifications, with wood choice, and choice of chamber and mirror system. Combined with a charm or two following your selected theme, and an engraved stand, this would make a striking Corporate gift for a retiring employee or a special gift for non-profit large dollar donors.
— Sallie Durette